How much is your business worth?

How much is your business worth? Survival and growth are the key areas most business owners often think about, yet they hardly […]

Is a customer always right?

We’ve all heard the age old cliche “the customer is always right”. It is often the main focus that drives everything we […]


Whether you are for it or against it, Brexit uncertainty lingers in the air like a cold foggy morning clouding any view […]

Discipline Towards Your Goals

A common ability of successful people is that they have developed the skill to do things that they know they should be […]

What is Business Growth?

I received a message asking me this question following one of my posts on LinkedIn. It is also a question I ask […]

What is Business Growth

You can ask 10 people this question and get 10 different answers… …for some it could be happiness, others it could be […]