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What is Business Growth

You can ask 10 people this question and get 10 different answers…

…for some it could be happiness, others it could be spending time with family, it could be travelling the world, having enough money to pay bills or have nice things. The list is endless.

Whatever success means to you, it is what successful people actually do that is most important that determines the outcome.

In my experience, the following 10 traits are common amongst successful people I know. They:

  1. Get up early,
  2. Plan their day and make it happen like clockwork,
  3. Read books rather than watch a lots of tv,
  4. Embrace meaningful relationships,
  5. Help others to succeed,
  6. Think positively,
  7. Focus on a growth mindset,
  8. Are clear on their goals,
  9. Take prompt action,
  10. Give back and pay it forward.

See here what others had to say to adding other traits to this list.

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