Success & Perseverance

Success can be a subjective topic…

…it can be defined by a number of factors – one’s results in things they own, their intelligence or experience perhaps, even one’s talents and educational background.

The one critical thing however that separates success from failure is perseverance – to keep moving forward…

…only then one might succeed, but to quit, all hope of any success is simply lost.

So how does one manage those moments when the odds are slim, when there is a sense of doubt that starts to chip away at the vital motivation and willpower to continue?

Well firstly – accept that doubt is part of the process.

It really is ok to doubt yourself… …but it is never ok to sell yourself short or confuse doubting yourself as accepting failure.

Doubting yourself doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be able to be successful, rather that it is just a sign that you need to figure a way to keep going.

This is where the power of coaching comes into play – I help my clients explore these types of feelings, to understand the undercurrents and help create the resources, accountability and action plan to keep moving forwards.

No matter what you are trying to do, when you have doubts, just keep moving, that’s what all successful people do.

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