What is Business Growth?

I received a message asking me this question following one of my posts on LinkedIn.

It is also a question I ask during my workshops and it’s interesting to hear the types of responses I receive.

Most would assume that Business Growth is solely centred around revenue, profit and business value.

The reality however is that most of us are usually time and resource poor, so for someone else the term could mean something completely different to financial elements and industry positions.
 Business Growth therefore is a subjective term, it is what it means to you and that is the measure of choice.

Digging deeper we find the following are also what others define as Business Growth:

• Work/life balance

• Stress Management

• Working ON the business, not just IN it

• Skills (Competency growth)

• Abilities (Capability growth)

• Cultural systems (Mission/Purpose/Values)

• Efficiencies (Systems and Processes)

• Team work (Interpersonal and team skills)

• Financial benchmarks and key performance indicators

I asked the question “What is your definition of ‘Business Growth’?”

See here what the responses were.

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