How much is your business worth?

How much is your business worth?

Survival and growth are the key areas most business owners often think about, yet they hardly think about what their business would be worth, or how they can maximise the value of it, if they were to sell it one day.

A business should be an #asset that is worth something in the future, which is attractive and valuable to a competitor or investor.

Like the many business owners I speak with you may assume the value of your business is determined by your industry and its size.

While size does matter, there are actually key factors that impact the value of your business more than your industry and these are also the areas a potential buyer would look at.

So whether you are planning to #retire or refocus beyond your business in the future, it is worthwhile knowing the areas that can add more #value in your #business.

I am offering business owners The Value Builder assessment to determine your score out of 100 based on the quantitative analysis of more than 40,000+ businesses across 8 key drivers.

Companies that score 80+ are predicted to get offers that are 71% higher than the average business.

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