LinkedIn connections – #Quality or #Quantity?


Do you accept all connection requests or do you only accept those who you have met or know?

This was an interesting topic that made me think differently from what was widely accepted and the advice given over the years to only accept connection requests where the person is known.

The topic at an event developed into a debate I attended to which my mentor responded to ask a very good question – “if you go to a networking event would you only speak to people you know or would you be open to speak with others who you don’t know?.”

What a great question and it certainly got everyone thinking! 

It made me think how limited the traditional approach was. Don’t get me wrong I would not easily accept requests on some social platforms.

#LinkedIn has developed more than the traditional online CV to a professional platform, a valuable tool to develop and grow a network and share useful information.

You may have seen the term ‘LION’ floating around which means “LinkedIn Open Networker” – a sign that a person is open to making connections.

Yesterday I observed that I reached 10,000+ connections – do I know them all? No!

I am sure those who have millions of connections don’t either.

▶️ Do you accept or filter your connection requests?

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