In these strange times, every business has had to adjust its strategy to best support its team and customers while remaining true to its brand promise.

With constant change, it is more vital than ever for teams to be resilient to forge ahead and not only survive the pandemic but prevail long-term.

While many businesses will be planning to transition back to their physical office spaces as social distancing mandates are loosened. Countless others are reimagining the workplace in a post COVID19 world as being flexible enough to be remote, at least some of the time.

While many companies previously accepted the loss of good potential talent to companies with more flexible options like remote work, in today’s world having such a stance will be dangerous for business.

Out of necessity for our very survival and the survival of others, a global pivot to remote work settings has helped many companies jump into the deep end after being forced to adapt. With many accepting it offers flexibility to both the business, as it does to the employee.

▶️ Will remote work play a part in the future of your business (if not already) and/or your expansion plans?

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