Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities…

..and many have stepped up over the last year in helping the local communities, using new ways to pivot and adapting to a virtual world to keep businesses and the local economy operating.

Small firms have proven to be remarkably resilient by developing new products or providing additional services whether it be your local pub selling fruit and veg and takeaway beers or a small London gym producing online classes and charging their members for the content virtually.

New research of UK Consumers by Legal & General suggests that 60% of people intend to buy more locally as the UK economy recovers from the pandemic, and 58% saying they would be willing to pay more for products made locally.

As people become more conscious of their carbon footprint, it is highly likely locally produced food and other products which haven’t been flown or shipped across the globe will have an increased focus and no doubt over time, competitive advantage.

▶️ Do you anticipate seeking out locally made produce in the future?

▶️▶️ What innovative products and services have you seen coming out of your local businesses?

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