Big corporates we are watching…

This might be a controversal post…yes we are in the middle of a pandemic and this continues to have untold stress, pressure and worry for many all over the world impacting families, livelihoods, communities and businesses of all sizes.

There are however some companies (no names mentioned) who are using the COVID excuse to reduce their service levels considerably at a time when many need such services to survive personally and/or for their business.

From reduced opening hours and long waiting times on the phone – when we know their staff are working from home and are able to meet the demand, yet these companies also choose to furlough many of their staff to keep up with their competitors and putting profits first.

The biggest issue is large corporates also overworking their staff (who are no doubt fearful for their jobs) rather than doing the recruitment to meet the demand.

Will these companies reduce the cost their customers pay for the reduced service and delays they are providing or will they continue to use the #COVID19Excuse and get away with it?

Yes some industries are really impacted but many are not and there are still important things we need to do to keep our economy going.

▶️ What are your thoughts?

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