Making a difference to your employees this Christmas…

Supermarket retailers have seen record sales this year as a result of the lockdowns and changing consumer buying patterns caused by the pandemic.

They have been critical for our survival as restaurants and takeaway shops had to close, causing many items such as toilet rolls, hand sanitisers, tinned food and baking flour/accessories being emptied from shelves as panic buying set in.

The real heroes however are the staff who even with the pandemic continued to work and serve the nation.

While supermarkets such as Waitrose traditionally close on Boxing Day, other retailers who often open on this day have announced closures to recognise and give the vital respite for their staff who have worked throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Asda, Marks and Spencer, Pets at Home and Wickes are some of the retailers who have announced closures on Boxing Day.

Asda has said in addition to closing all its stores, all frontline staff will get 100% of their bonus entitlement regardless of whether they have reached sales quotas. Clear steps to recognise and show its appreciation to its staff.

▶️ What could you do to recognise your staff members this year? (if you don’t have staff – what other sectors deserve recognition such as this?)

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