Where are you with COVID-19?

The #coronavirus pandemic has brought a heightened level of change and we’re all getting used to a new normal.

One of the most well-known change models in business is 'The Change Curve' which shows how we, as individuals, react emotionally to major disruptive change.

Developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's through her work on the Grief Cycle, The Change Curve identifies 7 typical stages people go through when faced with change:

Stage 1. #Shock: change is coming - "I can't believe it"

Stage 2. #Denial: defensive energy results in a temporary improvement in performance and mood - "It's ok, it's just the flu"

Stage 3. #Anger: change is still happening - "What do you mean I can't go outside?"

Stage 4. #Bargaining: to try and prevent the change – "Ok, I can keep my distance, but can I still sunbathe in the park?"

Stage 5. #Depression & Confusion: leads to the lowest point in terms of energy & morale - "This is real, what am I going to do?"

Stage 6. #Acceptance: change is accepted, and the individual resolves to face the future - "We can do this, does anyone need help?"

Stage 7. #ProblemSolving: plan how they will adapt to the new situation - "How can I play a part in the future?"

See how others identify themselves on this Change Curve and many other interesting views/comments - here.

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