At times of crisis, it’s not always doom and gloom.

Yesterday in the UK the much-awaited update form the Prime Minister revealed a gradual end to the lockdown, and while this was expected, for many it was not the news they had hoped for.

We will, of course, follow the advice and go forth with what the experts are saying, but I saw a lot of negativity on social media after this announcement.

In the midst of the negativity, I saw a post which I resonated with and would love to share, it said:

“Not everything is cancelled…

– Sun is not cancelled.
– Spring is not cancelled
– Relationships are not cancelled
– Love is not cancelled
– Reading is not cancelled
– Devotion is not cancelled
– Music is not cancelled
– Imagination is not cancelled
– Kindness is not cancelled
– Conversations are not cancelled
– Hope is not cancelled.”

This post got it right as it shifted my thinking completely and quickly too. Let us all focus on the things we have, vs what we don’t have right now.

Eventually, we will return to some level of normality, and the question is how will you design that new ‘normal’ for you given what is happening today…

▶️ What has this crisis taught you so far and how might a new ‘normal’ be for you in the future?

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