Remote Working

Is remote working going to be the new norm?

A survey conducted by Whereby of 1500 British professionals looked at the impact and future of remote working, especially during the pandemic. It found:

– 53% of business owners and decision-makers feel that remote working (due to COVID-19 Pandemic) has increased their employee productivity.

– 82% of businesses are considering changing their future working practices to allow more staff to work remotely.

– 65% of businesses are considering downsizing or changing their office space once lockdown is lifted, as a consequence of anticipating more staff working remotely in the future.

– 51% of employees expect to be allowed to retain at last some flexibility to work remotely once lockdown is lifted.

– 53% of employees feel their mental wellbeing has improved due to working from home.

– 54% of staff members feel that remote working has resulted in their working more hours than before the lockdown.

– 60% of employees state their experience of remote working has prompted them to consider changing career or job.

While many have been forced into remote working, businesses have seen the impact to their bottom line and increased productivity there will no doubt be changes in our future.

▶️ What do you think? Is it going to be the new norm?

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