Opportunities of a downturn

The opportunities in a downturn…

Interesting developments in the UK this week with the opening up of more shops and a further relaxation of the lockdown rules – things are moving in the right direction.

This follows what is no doubt the biggest shift we have seen in our lifetime with billions put on lockdown. In the UK it has been reported that the UK economy shrunk in April by 20.4% – the sharpest fall in history and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”.

It indeed is not all doom and gloom, downturns often present opportunities and we have seen in the past that these moments often result in the golden eras of entrepreneurship.

The following are some examples of the companies well known today, which were founded or formed during the Financial Crisis between 2008 and 2010:








These great companies were created at a time of massive change and to solve specific problems, resulting in opportunities for us to all enjoy since.

▶️ What new opportunities would you like resolved or you think might occur coming out of this crisis?

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