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Whether you are for it or against it, Brexit uncertainty lingers in the air like a cold foggy morning clouding any view to a possible way forward.

Yesterday’s Brexit deal vote was rejected by 230 votes – the largest defeat for any sitting government in history.

Shortly after, a vote of no confidence was tabled by the opposition party which could trigger a general election.

It is fair to say that Brexit remains very much up in the air.

Businesses from small to large still have no idea what is yet to come and neither do the experts it seems.

What makes it harder is that there is no single view that represents the businesses impacted, some are more exposed than others.

Given recent news articles I have read, it seems the highly regulated industries such as PharmaceuticalsBankingInvestmentAirlines, and Insurance are most impacted followed closely by FoodRetailLogistics and Manufacturing industries which are also exposed to Brexit.

With no end in sight…

▶️ What advice would you give a business that is dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit?

▶️▶️ Are there other industries not listed above that are also most exposed to Brexit?

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