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What is Coaching? And how does it differ from Consulting and Therapy?

I get asked these questions from time to time by those who are honest and curious enough to ask, some remain confused.

Coaching is not a well known term as it is in other parts of the world like in the US, so lets start by describing each:

– #Consulting – consultants are paid to come up with answers, they strive for objectivity and clarity of the task at hand, providing quantitative analysis and solutions to the problems.

– #Therapy – focuses on the past and diagnoses dysfunctionality through a process of solutions based on medical ethics. Typically these are paid for personally by the individual.

 #Coaching – focuses on the future and fosters individual #performance in a #business context and helps leaders discover their own path and solutions.

There are also some overlaps:

In #Consulting and in #Coaching, both advise individual leaders on business matters, including #goalsetting based on organisational ethics and often are paid for by the company.

In #Therapy and in #Coaching, both get paid to ask the right questions, often to tackle difficult issues at work/home, looking at #behavioural change and exploring subjective experience.

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